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This is the Out of Character Community for the Epiphany: The Chronicles of Glass Pines LJ Changeling game. This is the place to ask questions about the game, arrange to set up a scene, get to know your fellow players better - you name it. Just about anything that's not In-Character (or "IC") goes here (IC stuff goes in the IC Community, natch. :-).

This community has moderated membership - to be able to post in it, e-mail epiphany.mod AT gmail.com.

About Epiphany: The Chronicles of Glass Pines

Epiphany... is a cooperative-storytelling game. It is character-driven and player-run. There is no single StoryTeller, and thus, no single story. The purpose of the Moderator is to handle disputes. The most important rules are simple. Be courteous and treat your fellow players how you would like to be treated.

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